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Looking to jazz up your next video release with some cool tunes? There’s some things you should know…

Ok. So now you’ve shot you next great tutorial, how to video, seminar, or promo video… The dialogue is great, the edits look good but where’s the music!?? Let’s face it, videos are a snore without some high quality musical filler to bind the viewers attention into your video. So why not grab a few of your favorite CD’s and plug them into your new video production? Well, unfortunately this is illegal and it is highly likely that you will get flagged for copyright infringement when you attempt to post or upload your video on Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, or other video network. If you’re looking for instrumental beats for videos there’s a few things that you’re going to need to know…

So what’s this copyright stuff all about?

In the music industry there exists various types of copyrights. If you are using any music  in your video, you will need a synchronization license to grant you the right to use music along with your video. Depending on whether your project is for commercial or non-commercial purposes will greatly affect your budget for music. Free beats and instrumentals are often available under Creative Commons non-commercial license for those making personal videos which are not used in commerce. If you choose to use free beats under CC non commercial license, you will however find that there is a drastically limited selection in comparison to what is available in the arena of instrumentals for commercial use. Paid for, these licenses may cost you anywhere from $20 for a limited distribution license to $50,000 for a custom major market commercial music production


It is important to gauge the potential reach of your production and select a license that suits the width and scope of your audience. So, if you expect to reach 10,000 people you may want to select a license that grants you a reach of 20,000 people to be on the safe side. In the event that the reach of your production exceeds the initial license terms, you will want to contact the license holder and renegotiate your license. This will insure that no legal boundaries are crossed on your part, keeping you in good standing with the license holder.



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