With the advances of modern technology, music tracking is reaching new heights in the technology arena. With great advances like the services that Shazam provides, the days of pirating music for your personal and promotional videos is nearing an end. Just imagine the problems that you may encounter down the line when a successful video that you produced is flagged for copyright infringement. Well, those days are not far off. It is only a matter of time before technology makes its next advance down the superhighway and presents these sort of dilemmas for video producers like yourself.

How to avoid these issues? Simple, at the onset of your video project you must secure a proper license for all of the music that you plan to use in your next video project. The easiest way to do this is by purchasing beats and instrumentals that offer licenses for sale over the internet. By doing this, you can assure yourself that you will enjoy a long standing investment in your next video project for Youtube, Vimeo, or the like.

Things to look for when purchasing instrumental music for your video:

1)Be sure that a certificate of license is available from the vendor offering beat licenses for sale. This will allow you to prove your right to use the instrumentals in your production for commercial or personal display. This should include ample “Sync Rights”.

2)Purchase your music from a reputable source so as to insure secure “crosscheck” of your license in the future.

3)Lastly, be sure that the instrumentals that you purchase are of the highest quality so as to insure the long standing quality of your production.

Good Luck To You,
The Studio 11 Team


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