The new Beats Pill SE or special edition speaker by Beats By Dre is definitely a catchy bit of kit sure to be the talk of your next beach outing or summer party capade. Not only does this thing look really cool, it packs a whole universe¬†of useful features into a mighty small package. Formed in a small “pill” shaped chassis there’s no doubt the intent of the design is clear – to get you absolutely addicted to rockin out your cell phone and tunes wherever you may be!

Portable Beats SE Speaker

Beats Pill SE Speaker By Dre

First off, the pill does quite a wonder by providing you with a functional charging station. Gone are the days multiple pieces and parts to get your multimedia act together. You can charge your phone right here. With that said, the real power of the Beats pill lies in the ability to function wirelessly. Imagine this; a phone call comes in, you answer talking into the air and from the Beats pill speaker drifts your comrades voice loud crisp and clear! The phone is now becoming a thing for your hands and not your head! Freedom of sound is wind to the sail of the future!

Things get better…You jump off the line with your friend and now you feel like having a listen to Outkasts old classic “Heya”. From your handset (notice we’re getting out of the land of “headset”) you dial in the cut and push play. The Beats pill responds instantly, yielding you a crisp clear jam of your song with thick lows and crisp highs. Ooooh child things are gonna get easier!

The technology supporting and making all of this possible is Bluetooth. As time drifts on this venerable bit of wireless technology continues to creep up as a viable and useful standard for the modern day. While the technology does it’s thing, the designers at Beats made extra sure that they dished you with a color palette for any and every occasion. The Beats Pill SE speaker comes in black, red, white, grey, pink, and beige. Adorning the speaker mesh and aluminum chassis is a matte satin finished paint accented by silver and gold hardware.

Additional accessories for your Beats By Dre Pill SE speaker are also included. Notable among these is a robust carry case, ac power adapter, USB data cable, and 1.5 M audio cable. With all of this available for below 200 bucks, there’s not a reason in the world you shouldn’t be the top D.J. at your summer fun affairs! Do yourself and everyone around you a huge favor and score your self a pill today!

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Beats Pill Speaker

Beats Pill Rose Gold In Black

Nothing in consumer audio speaks fashion like the Dr.Dre Beats line. With plush colors from which to choose to silky satin finishes, Beats Audio makes sure that your looking good toting around with your sound gear. The new Beats Rose Gold Pill lives up to the legacy, bringing you hot new features in a compact format that you can take just about anywhere. It’s just what you need to keep the music jammin’ this summer!

Probably the most important feature of the Beats Rose Gold Pill is the savvy mobile device integration. Not only are you able to charge your mobile device, you can take incoming calls through its speakers and built in microphone. Chip in the blue tooth integration and you’ve got a complete wireless stereo and communications unit all in the palm of your hand. Let’s face it, hands free cell phone use is the way to go. Who wouldn’t rather have an ice cold beer in their hand than a cell phone. The Beats Rose Gold Pill gives you just this ability allowing you the freedom to strut around talking away with nice clear speakerphone audio.

It all gets even better when you need to jam some tunes. Let’s put that jenky 1/8 inch cord in a drawer and call it a thing of the past! The Beats Rose Gold Pill allows you to meander around flipping tracks from your phone – free to do more important things like jammin soul tracks and rubbin’ up on your lover.

In colors black and white with sexy rose gold trim, your sure to look your best whipping out this satin sleek pill. Think about it – the freedom to communicate and rock tunes just about anywhere! Not to mention this thing is LOUD for such a small speaker! Ever been to the beach and wish you had tunes? Well worry no more ‘cuz Beats got you covered. This is the ultimate little pillbox for summer free time jammin’. Bottom line is everybody should have one. Personally, I would opt for the black model as I know my tendency to have fun and get a bit dirty. But for those of you who keep things pristine, the white one may just be the ticket!

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