Are you looking for high quality beats and instrumentals for your next music, video, or film project?

Consider quality in your decision in puchasing a beat license for your project. These days, the internet is riddled with low quality beats and instrumentals. What this means to you is that when your music or project goes into production, the end result will be a lower quality outcome. Quality is an important factor in your decision to buy beats and there are a number of things that you should pay attention to and look out for. Let’s outline 3 major factors in choosing a beat!

1) The Drums

Drums may be the most important thing to listen for in a beat. The first thing that you should listen for is a thick and rich snapping and bouncing kick drum with deep warm bass. Be sure that the kick drum is NOT distorted, as this will yield distortion to your overall presentation after production. The kick should have a nice puch and be present on small speakers with no audible distortion. Next, the snare is vital to pay attention to. The snare drum should be warm and bright and give the track a nice “snap”. Lastly, listen to the hats and cymbals. These should sound smooth and silky, helping to “drive” the track. Be on the lookout for hats and cymbals that are too soft or too loud. This can pose numerous problems when vocals are later added to your track. And absolutely be sure that the hats are not distorted. This can leave for a harsh sound that will turn off your listener.

2) The Bass Line

Next to the drums, the bass line is paramount to a bangin’ track. Not only should the bass groove have a funky swing, it should make you want to move with the drums. A good bass line sits in the “pocket” giving the track a special quality that is easy to rap and sing over. As far as tone, be sure that the bass sound whether real bass or synth is appealing. Avoid tracks with distorted bass in the lows or volume that overpowers the kick drum. These tracks don’t translate well on small systems. And, once again nasty distortion should be avoided.

3) The Harmony And Melody.

Harmony and melody will give you the catchy signature quality in a track. Harmonies whether on synth, guitar, pianos, or the like should feature well chosen chords and appealing choice of sounds and tones. Be sure that these are mixed in the pocked and ride nice with the track. A good chord progression will aid singers in developing mature vocal lines. Lastly, listen for good melodies. A catchy synth part or guitar melody can be just the thing to get your song stuck in everybody’s head. Additionally, a catchy melody can act in tandem with vocal parts in a call and response manner. Rule of thumb is the catchier the better. Always be sure that the harmony and melody are complimentary and “in key” with one another.

Best of luck on your tracks!



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