Perhaps you’ve stumbled on the Studio 11 FREE BEATS website and downloaded and incorporated one of our beats in your music, video, or film project. Provided that your project is for NON-COMMERCIAL use, you are free to use the beats in accordance with the Creative Commons license found HERE. In the event you would like to release your picture commercially or sell your music you must buy a license for the application of your choice. So if you want to buy free beats online, read on…

To keep things simple in this article we will assume that:

a) You would like to use the “free beat” for music…

b) You would like to use the free beat for picture (video, film).

In the case of music, you will be purchasing an SR license valid for the number of copies that you plan on selling. It is wise to choose a number greater than your anticipated sales to insure that you do not violate your license terms. If you need a larger license, you will need to contact Studio 11 directly to consult the specifics regarding your needs. In the case of our SR license, you will need to credit the beat composer as an additional writer on the track as well as Studio 11 as an additional publisher the default for this is 50/50.

In the case of non-derivative work for picture, you will need to purchase a synchronization license from Studio 11. A synchronization license will give you the right to sync the music to your picture release. You will then need to credit the composer (Of the track) and publisher (Studio 11) on the cue sheets for your motion picture production.

Hopefully, this has been helpful information in your quest to buy free beats online. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at 312-372-4460 or email


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