Beats Solo 2.0 Headphones

Beats Solo 2.0 Headphones

Following up Beats popular Solo Headphones is the Beats Solo2 Headphones. With a full on overhaul of the original design, the Beats Solo2 Headphones are set to deliver an improved user listening experience from top to bottom. Beats claims that the new offering provides better acoustics, improved clarity, lighter weight, and better durability. Additionally, extra measures have been taken to make the new Solo2 Headphones more comfortable. This can mean a lot when your on the go listening to music and taking calls for hours! Let’s look a little closer and review what the new Beats Solo 2.0 Headphones have to offer:

For starters the sound is greatly improved in the new Solo 2.0 headphones. The music feels significantly closer with a deeper and cleaner bass. Add to this the improved weight and comfort aspects of the design and the new Solo 2 headphones are an all out winner over the previous pair. The colors available are fairly diverse as well so you should be able to coordinate with whatever style you plan on rockin’ or feeling. The complete palette includes pink, blue, gray, black, white, and red. I personally prefer black, as I fear my overuse of the headphones may dirty things up over time. Fear not though, the Beats headphones are easy to clean with a cloth and made of very resilient materials.

What makes the Solo 2 headphones ready for the new revolution? Complete control over your audio is what you can expect. With your color matched remote talk cable, you can switch songs, adjust volumes, and take calls hands free of your cellular phone, music device, or ipod. This is extra handy to keep you looking on point and save you from fumbling around with too many objects! I love the ability to put the cell phone in my pocket and not have to keep pulling it out to navigate my music and take calls. Add to this the volume control and now we’re smokin’!

Included with your new set of Beats Solo 2 Headphones is the headphones themselves in your choice of color, the remote talk cable for providing complete cellular connectivity allowing you to fully integrate your cell phone, and a carrying case to protect your headphones. For the best possible deal and selection on Beats Solo 2.0 Headphones visit Amazon. For sale at Amazon you’ll find the best deal on the net as well as additional user reviews. Good luck with your new Beats Headphones!


Beats Studio Wireless Headphones

Beats Studio Wireless Headphones

Let’s face it, the days of audio cables are numbered. Really, who wants to be jumping, tripping, and tangling themselves in cords? With the advent of new bluetooth technology we’re finally starting to see a migration to wireless audio technology. Unlike those early wireless homephones or even AKG’s early attempts at wireless headphones, this new breed of wireless headphone technology actually works! Add to this full cellular connectivity and fashionable presentation and we’re on a rocketship to the future! Enter the new Beats Studio Wireless Headphones! It’s hot time to give these new puppies a quick review!

Powered by Beats proprietary Acoustic Engine, special DSP software is implemented for the sake of tailoring your audio to specific musical stylings. Add to this a dual-mode noise cancellation feature and your set to enjoy your tunes with the maximum signal to noise ratio a headphone can provide. The noise cancellation even comes in extra handy if you DON’T want to listen to music but would like to silence outside noise.

As with all wireless devices, a battery is a necessity. The Beats Studio Wireless Headphones ship stock with a 12 hour rechargeable battery which can be charged via standard USB. Paired with the onboard auto ON/OFF function, you should be looking at days worth of music enjoyment between battery charges. This is a super important feature to consider when buying a pair of wireless headphones as charges can be time consuming and potentially steal you from your music!

One of the most important features of a modern headphone is the ability to interact with your cell phone and take calls. The Beats Studio Wireless Headphones do just this providing you full connectivity via bluetooth to your phone and the complete facility for taking phone calls on the go. Best of all this is completely wireless, enabling you to roam hands free doiung other tasks.

Included with the Beats Studio Wireless Headphones are the Headphones, Beats RemoteTalk cable enabling cellular communication, 3.5 mm audio cable for plugging in, USB to USB micro charging cable, USB power adapter, hard shell carrying case, cleaning cloth for your headphones, manual, and warranty information.

So now let’s dig into the fashion options for your new Beats Studio Wireless Headphones! Colors featured are Black, Titanium, Blue, White, and Red. With all of these options you should be able to find the color that best suits your personality, wardrobe, and style. This has always been the strong suit of Beats Headphones as prior to their inception, headphones tended to appear as junky, clunky, non-fashionable accessories. Well, the future is here and you may now rock out in style while jammin’ your favorite cuts! Shop Beats Studio Wireless Headphones for sale at Amazon for the best selection and price!


The latest incarnation of the venerable Beats By Dre Studio Headphones bring new light to a respected modern classic. Since the initial launch of the Beats By Dre line, these studio headphones have become famous the world over for their combination of great sound, durability, and supreme fashion. The latest version lives up to the hype bringing you a high quality re-engineered version of the famous Beats Studio Headphone.

Beats By Dre Studio Headphones

Beats By Dre Studio Headphones

At the heart of the Beats headphone is a special DSP engine dubbed the Beats Acoustic Engine which is programmed to create a more natural and “live” acoustical experience. Add to this the well engineered adaptive noise cancelling features and your set to enjoy an up-close listening experience in the noisiest of acoustical environments. Personally, I enjoy headphones on the cranky loud interior of the Chicago subway. The big problem is, the subway is super loud forcing one to crank up the volume to uncomfortable levels to override the ambient noise. The Beats Studio Headphone circumvents this problem by using a special algorithm to cancel outside noise in turn maximizing the output of the headphones. Even if you just want some peace and quiet with no music, you can utilize this great feature to turn off the noise of the outside world. This can be especially useful for a nice quiet nap in a noisy place!

In the latest version weight of the headphones has been improved. Using lighter stronger material allows for a more comfortable experience. So comfortable in fact that you might not notice that you are even wearing the Beats Studio Headphones! Comfort is key with headphones as we always want our music to be enjoyed fully without any sweaty distractions.

Connectivity of the new Beats Studio Headphones is spot on with a strong tangle free cord featuring an 1/8″ connector. Add a 1/4″ connector to this and your ready to tackle a professional beat making rig or recording studio! The cable also features a high quality microphone for taking phone calls just about anywhere. These headphones will leave you equipped in just about any situation anywhere in the world you may travel.

The headphones are not all you receive with the Beats Studio Headphone package. The entire kit includes the headphones, USB charging cable, USB power adapter, 3.5mm audio cable, Remote Talk cable, a hardshell carry case, Beats cleaning cloth, and associated manuals and warranty information.

Wait! Dare we encounter a Beats product that doesn’t keep your fashion in mind? Of course not! Beats Studio headphones come in colors black, white, red, blue, orange, grey, and pink. Your sure to be looking your best in anything you might wear. Heck, you may even want to snag a couple of pairs to insure that your always styling to the max! Check out AMAZON for the ultimate in customer service, shipping, and price for Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphones (Black).


Choosing the right EARphones may be far more important in every sense than choosing the right HEADphones. The primary reason for this is that earphones are significantly more up close and personal in regard to hygiene, comfort, and sound than much bulkier headphones. Choosing the right pair of earphones is crucial to insuring that you have the best quality sound experience and comfort. With something so personal one owes it to themselves to make a quality investment in the right product. Enter the URBEATS SE earphones by Beats By Dre.




One of the most important factors to consider when buying a pair of earphones is durability. Earphones due to their small size are often the most vulnerable to abuse of all personal audio equipment. More often than not earphones will need to be quickly removed (like when your jammin’ some tunes and you’ve got to whip the earphones off at Starbucks to place an order). This often lands the earphones in a coat pocket or purse next to a heavy set of house and car keys. The end result is scratches and damages to a delicate set of earphones. Well, the Beats URBEATS got you covered! The solid metallic housing protects the earphones insuring you minimal damage and trouble free operation. Add to this the tangle free cord and you can be assured a long term WORKING set of ear buds.

Music isn’t the only thing these ear phone wonders can tackle. The built in mic will allow you to take calls between your afternoon spin of Gin And Juice or Pink Floyds “The Wall”. This feature is an absolute must as these days the phone and music device have convoluted. We must multi-task!

Last of all Beats URBEATS earphones insure you maximum fashion. God forbid that you should find yourself strutting around with a jenky set of earphones catching stares from those who think your weird. Or be caught dead with a pair of those bleach white I-Things! Beats headphones come on metallic silver, gold, and gunmetal grey. Further inspection into the line brings us gorgeous color hues such as purple, pink, red, blue, grey, baby pink, white, and black. Basically there’s a URBEATS color for almost any outfit or occasion you may encounter.

With the combination of great sound, iron tough durability, tangle-free cables, and hands-free calls, the Beats URBEATS earphones are hard to beat for under a C-Note. Shop AMAZON to find the best prices and selection on Beats urBeats In-Ear Headphones (Gray).

And WOW! They even come in purple!

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Beats URBEATS Headphones In Purple

Beats URBEATS Headphones In Purple



The new Beats Pill SE or special edition speaker by Beats By Dre is definitely a catchy bit of kit sure to be the talk of your next beach outing or summer party capade. Not only does this thing look really cool, it packs a whole universe of useful features into a mighty small package. Formed in a small “pill” shaped chassis there’s no doubt the intent of the design is clear – to get you absolutely addicted to rockin out your cell phone and tunes wherever you may be!

Portable Beats SE Speaker

Beats Pill SE Speaker By Dre

First off, the pill does quite a wonder by providing you with a functional charging station. Gone are the days multiple pieces and parts to get your multimedia act together. You can charge your phone right here. With that said, the real power of the Beats pill lies in the ability to function wirelessly. Imagine this; a phone call comes in, you answer talking into the air and from the Beats pill speaker drifts your comrades voice loud crisp and clear! The phone is now becoming a thing for your hands and not your head! Freedom of sound is wind to the sail of the future!

Things get better…You jump off the line with your friend and now you feel like having a listen to Outkasts old classic “Heya”. From your handset (notice we’re getting out of the land of “headset”) you dial in the cut and push play. The Beats pill responds instantly, yielding you a crisp clear jam of your song with thick lows and crisp highs. Ooooh child things are gonna get easier!

The technology supporting and making all of this possible is Bluetooth. As time drifts on this venerable bit of wireless technology continues to creep up as a viable and useful standard for the modern day. While the technology does it’s thing, the designers at Beats made extra sure that they dished you with a color palette for any and every occasion. The Beats Pill SE speaker comes in black, red, white, grey, pink, and beige. Adorning the speaker mesh and aluminum chassis is a matte satin finished paint accented by silver and gold hardware.

Additional accessories for your Beats By Dre Pill SE speaker are also included. Notable among these is a robust carry case, ac power adapter, USB data cable, and 1.5 M audio cable. With all of this available for below 200 bucks, there’s not a reason in the world you shouldn’t be the top D.J. at your summer fun affairs! Do yourself and everyone around you a huge favor and score your self a pill today!

For the best prices and service continue to AMAZON for your Beats Pill to come to life! BEATS BY DRE AT AMAZON

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