The latest incarnation of the venerable Beats By Dre Studio Headphones bring new light to a respected modern classic. Since the initial launch of the Beats By Dre line, these studio headphones have become famous the world over for their combination of great sound, durability, and supreme fashion. The latest version lives up to the hype bringing you a high quality re-engineered version of the famous Beats Studio Headphone.

Beats By Dre Studio Headphones

Beats By Dre Studio Headphones

At the heart of the Beats headphone is a special DSP engine dubbed the Beats Acoustic Engine which is programmed to create a more natural and “live” acoustical experience. Add to this the well engineered adaptive noise cancelling features and your set to enjoy an up-close listening experience in the noisiest of acoustical environments. Personally, I enjoy headphones on the cranky loud interior of the Chicago subway. The big problem is, the subway is super loud forcing one to crank up the volume to uncomfortable levels to override the ambient noise. The Beats Studio Headphone circumvents this problem by using a special algorithm to cancel outside noise in turn maximizing the output of the headphones. Even if you just want some peace and quiet with no music, you can utilize this great feature to turn off the noise of the outside world. This can be especially useful for a nice quiet nap in a noisy place!

In the latest version weight of the headphones has been improved. Using lighter stronger material allows for a more comfortable experience. So comfortable in fact that you might not notice that you are even wearing the Beats Studio Headphones! Comfort is key with headphones as we always want our music to be enjoyed fully without any sweaty distractions.

Connectivity of the new Beats Studio Headphones is spot on with a strong tangle free cord featuring an 1/8″ connector. Add a 1/4″ connector to this and your ready to tackle a professional beat making rig or recording studio! The cable also features a high quality microphone for taking phone calls just about anywhere. These headphones will leave you equipped in just about any situation anywhere in the world you may travel.

The headphones are not all you receive with the Beats Studio Headphone package. The entire kit includes the headphones, USB charging cable, USB power adapter, 3.5mm audio cable, Remote Talk cable, a hardshell carry case, Beats cleaning cloth, and associated manuals and warranty information.

Wait! Dare we encounter a Beats product that doesn’t keep your fashion in mind? Of course not! Beats Studio headphones come in colors black, white, red, blue, orange, grey, and pink. Your sure to be looking your best in anything you might wear. Heck, you may even want to snag a couple of pairs to insure that your always styling to the max! Check out AMAZON for the ultimate in customer service, shipping, and price for Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphones (Black).


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