Choosing the right EARphones may be far more important in every sense than choosing the right HEADphones. The primary reason for this is that earphones are significantly more up close and personal in regard to hygiene, comfort, and sound than much bulkier headphones. Choosing the right pair of earphones is crucial to insuring that you have the best quality sound experience and comfort. With something so personal one owes it to themselves to make a quality investment in the right product. Enter the URBEATS SE earphones by Beats By Dre.




One of the most important factors to consider when buying a pair of earphones is durability. Earphones due to their small size are often the most vulnerable to abuse of all personal audio equipment. More often than not earphones will need to be quickly removed (like when your jammin’ some tunes and you’ve got to whip the earphones off at Starbucks to place an order). This often lands the earphones in a coat pocket or purse next to a heavy set of house and car keys. The end result is scratches and damages to a delicate set of earphones. Well, the Beats URBEATS got you covered! The solid metallic housing protects the earphones insuring you minimal damage and trouble free operation. Add to this the tangle free cord and you can be assured a long term WORKING set of ear buds.

Music isn’t the only thing these ear phone wonders can tackle. The built in mic will allow you to take calls between your afternoon spin of Gin And Juice or Pink Floyds “The Wall”. This feature is an absolute must as these days the phone and music device have convoluted. We must multi-task!

Last of all Beats URBEATS earphones insure you maximum fashion. God forbid that you should find yourself strutting around with a jenky set of earphones catching stares from those who think your weird. Or be caught dead with a pair of those bleach white I-Things! Beats headphones come on metallic silver, gold, and gunmetal grey. Further inspection into the line brings us gorgeous color hues such as purple, pink, red, blue, grey, baby pink, white, and black. Basically there’s a URBEATS color for almost any outfit or occasion you may encounter.

With the combination of great sound, iron tough durability, tangle-free cables, and hands-free calls, the Beats URBEATS earphones are hard to beat for under a C-Note. Shop AMAZON to find the best prices and selection on Beats urBeats In-Ear Headphones (Gray).

And WOW! They even come in purple!

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Beats URBEATS Headphones In Purple

Beats URBEATS Headphones In Purple



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