Beats Solo 2.0 Headphones

Beats Solo 2.0 Headphones

Following up Beats popular Solo Headphones is the Beats Solo2 Headphones. With a full on overhaul of the original design, the Beats Solo2 Headphones are set to deliver an improved user listening experience from top to bottom. Beats claims that the new offering provides better acoustics, improved clarity, lighter weight, and better durability. Additionally, extra measures have been taken to make the new Solo2 Headphones more comfortable. This can mean a lot when your on the go listening to music and taking calls for hours! Let’s look a little closer and review what the new Beats Solo 2.0 Headphones have to offer:

For starters the sound is greatly improved in the new Solo 2.0 headphones. The music feels significantly closer with a deeper and cleaner bass. Add to this the improved weight and comfort aspects of the design and the new Solo 2 headphones are an all out winner over the previous pair. The colors available are fairly diverse as well so you should be able to coordinate with whatever style you plan on rockin’ or feeling. The complete palette includes pink, blue, gray, black, white, and red. I personally prefer black, as I fear my overuse of the headphones may dirty things up over time. Fear not though, the Beats headphones are easy to clean with a cloth and made of very resilient materials.

What makes the Solo 2 headphones ready for the new revolution? Complete control over your audio is what you can expect. With your color matched remote talk cable, you can switch songs, adjust volumes, and take calls hands free of your cellular phone, music device, or ipod. This is extra handy to keep you looking on point and save you from fumbling around with too many objects! I love the ability to put the cell phone in my pocket and not have to keep pulling it out to navigate my music and take calls. Add to this the volume control and now we’re smokin’!

Included with your new set of Beats Solo 2 Headphones is the headphones themselves in your choice of color, the remote talk cable for providing complete cellular connectivity allowing you to fully integrate your cell phone, and a carrying case to protect your headphones. For the best possible deal and selection on Beats Solo 2.0 Headphones visit Amazon. For sale at Amazon you’ll find the best deal on the net as well as additional user reviews. Good luck with your new Beats Headphones!


Beats Studio Wireless Headphones

Beats Studio Wireless Headphones

Let’s face it, the days of audio cables are numbered. Really, who wants to be jumping, tripping, and tangling themselves in cords? With the advent of new bluetooth technology we’re finally starting to see a migration to wireless audio technology. Unlike those early wireless homephones or even AKG’s early attempts at wireless headphones, this new breed of wireless headphone technology actually works! Add to this full cellular connectivity and fashionable presentation and we’re on a rocketship to the future! Enter the new Beats Studio Wireless Headphones! It’s hot time to give these new puppies a quick review!

Powered by Beats proprietary Acoustic Engine, special DSP software is implemented for the sake of tailoring your audio to specific musical stylings. Add to this a dual-mode noise cancellation feature and your set to enjoy your tunes with the maximum signal to noise ratio a headphone can provide. The noise cancellation even comes in extra handy if you DON’T want to listen to music but would like to silence outside noise.

As with all wireless devices, a battery is a necessity. The Beats Studio Wireless Headphones ship stock with a 12 hour rechargeable battery which can be charged via standard USB. Paired with the onboard auto ON/OFF function, you should be looking at days worth of music enjoyment between battery charges. This is a super important feature to consider when buying a pair of wireless headphones as charges can be time consuming and potentially steal you from your music!

One of the most important features of a modern headphone is the ability to interact with your cell phone and take calls. The Beats Studio Wireless Headphones do just this providing you full connectivity via bluetooth to your phone and the complete facility for taking phone calls on the go. Best of all this is completely wireless, enabling you to roam hands free doiung other tasks.

Included with the Beats Studio Wireless Headphones are the Headphones, Beats RemoteTalk cable enabling cellular communication, 3.5 mm audio cable for plugging in, USB to USB micro charging cable, USB power adapter, hard shell carrying case, cleaning cloth for your headphones, manual, and warranty information.

So now let’s dig into the fashion options for your new Beats Studio Wireless Headphones! Colors featured are Black, Titanium, Blue, White, and Red. With all of these options you should be able to find the color that best suits your personality, wardrobe, and style. This has always been the strong suit of Beats Headphones as prior to their inception, headphones tended to appear as junky, clunky, non-fashionable accessories. Well, the future is here and you may now rock out in style while jammin’ your favorite cuts! Shop Beats Studio Wireless Headphones for sale at Amazon for the best selection and price!